The season of outdoor living is here, and what better way to kick start it than sprucing your exterior color palette to create a sharing space that is comfy and trendy?

Most people think about bright, lively colors, but would you paint your entire home bright green or pink during summer? Most likely the answer is no, but you can add small thoughtful accents of your favorite colors to your abode’s architectural elements or via common accessory pieces like planters, pillows or chairs.

Whether you are re-roofing and changing your whole look, or building a new construction home, we’ve curated three charming color schemes featuring popular Eagle concrete roof tiles that can serve as a source of inspiration!


Summery Joy

Vibrant and refreshing will never really go out of style, that is why we decided to pair two appealing neutrals with two playful colors that can brighten the exterior of your structure even on the cloudiest summer days.

Sherwin-Williams 6390 Bosc Pear is the perfect choice for the base as it is warm and intimate, reminiscent of a sunny August afternoon. You can add definition using a lighter shade of white with a yellow undertone such as Sherwin-Williams 7103 Whitetail for trim and other details such as window and door frames.

Now comes the fun. If your structure has shutters, columns with adorned bases, brackets, or any decorative woodwork, you can use Sherwin-Williams 6768 Gulfstream to add a splash of color that will accentuate those elements. Sherwin-Williams 6887 Navel can be utilized to accent other décor such as benches and flowerpots.

We chose to combine this cheerful design with our stunning concrete roof tile 2723 Adobe Blend, a beautiful combination of maroon, terracotta, gray, and gold in the Malibu profile, which without a doubt will draw plenty of compliments.

*2723 Adobe Blend is only available in California, Hawaii, Intermountain, Pacific Northwest, Western Canada

Organic and Cozy

Showcase your unique personality by going for a nature-inspired palette. Green, in its many variations, can be: bold but not heavy, or classic and elegant, as well as soft and tranquil. It’s a great choice if you are seeking to add interest and set apart your residential or commercial project from any other.

Sherwin-Williams 6154 Nacre is light and warm, allowing any architectural design to shine and stand out, and is ideal to use on the body of the structure. To complement this color, an airy organic shade with a neutral undertone like Sherwin-Williams 6422 Shagreen will add depth and character without being too bright; best to use it on the trim. For the final touch, a complex shade of green with gray hues such as Sherwin-Williams 9130 Evergreen Fog is fitting to tie it all together by using it on shutters and other exterior details.

To further enhance your curb appeal, make sure to use lots of natural greenery in various arrangements to frame your project and make it stand out.

To create an overall sense of balance, we chose Eagle’s color of the year Brown Gray Range in the profile Bel Air, as the gorgeous combination of brown and gray featured in the roof tile contrasts nicely with the soothing greens for a beautiful, serene look.

Royal Red

The greatest color schemes are those that dare to add a twist to the traditional and create contrast.

Sherwin-Williams 7005 Pure White is a crisp, clean bright white that can be combined with hundreds of pigments and decorative elements. Create a stark, dramatic exterior by pairing it with Sherwin-Williams 6052 Sandbank for the trim, shutters, and other details.

Lastly, add an extra layer of definition with Sherwin-Williams 7593 Rustic Red by using it on both the front and garage doors. The burnt red looks fantastic against the bright white and creamy beige. In addition, adding red flowers such as copperleaf, red leaf heliconia, or bloodleaf Iresine is a great way to carry this deep, bold tint beyond the building itself.

For a lasting impression, 3538 Corona Red Flashed is the ideal concrete roof tile to use with this palette. The hues of red with black streaking on this tile are elegant and mysterious, creating the perfect match for the sultry color of the front door.

*3538 Corona Red Flashed is only available in California, Great Plains, Hawaii, Intermountain, Southwest

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