The longer days bring warmer temperatures, lots of sunshine and an itch to spend more time outside, which means there is no better time of year to revitalize your exterior spaces and create your ideal backyard for all the hosting and relaxing you’ll be doing. Follow along as we dive into current trends and provide you with tips on how to create an atmosphere that is inviting and zen.

Build Your Dream Space

Gone are the days of perfectly trimmed hedges and cookie-cutter fence lines. Today’s aesthetic is leaning toward a more organic lifestyle that embraces natural beauty and imperfections. From stonework to outdoor furniture, the list of options when creating a modern outdoor oasis that matches your lifestyle has never been more robust.

Embrace Your Surroundings

Green is the new black. Exterior trends in the 2020s have emphasized a connection between us and nature, with comfort and tranquility being top of mind for homeowners. While annual florals and lush landscapes have always been staples when designing home exteriors, embracing the surrounding botanical life of your estate is on trend. Not everyone has a green thumb, but letting your garden run wild can spontaneously add life to your spaces. Have issues with wild vines creeping up on your structure? Use native verdure to cascade over pergolas and sidewalls for an eye-catching look.

Less is More

When decorating any space, it is extremely easy to add more and more. Whether furniture, accent pieces, or even color, the safest call is to limit your choices to ensure you’re creating a balanced space that is gentle on the eyes.

The modern organic era of design embraces this notion through and through. For instance, maintaining a cohesive and neutral palette throughout your outdoor areas makes visitors feel comfortable and relaxed. This stylistic approach conveys a luxury vibe due to the simplicity of soft visuals that enamor onlookers with a touch of opulence.

Rather than adding expensive additions to create a more impressionable space, lean into existing features and incorporate new design techniques to add contrast. Square concrete pavers and glass railings are simple, yet effective changes that will make the most modest adobe shine with contemporary charm.

A Place for All

The most important element to consider when creating a modern oasis is to ensure your space is welcoming and comfortable. Set up a dining table with all-weather chairs to gather loved ones for mealtimes under the sun or place large loungers by firepits or pools to create conversation areas. The key to mirroring current trends is crafting memories in spaces that are inviting, beautiful and reflective of the natural world around us. You can incorporate many little details into your living areas to match your lifestyle without sacrificing looks.

Eagle is Timeless

Now that your space is planned to a T, make sure that the crown of your structure matches the elegance and character you’ve worked hard to create outdoors. A timeless, durable Eagle concrete tile roof provides protection through all seasons and lets you show your design taste grandly. Whether you want to complete your transformation with an Old-World-inspired barrel or a modern, flat roof tile – Eagle is the way to go!

Browse our stunning selection of concrete roof tiles on our website and request a free sample today!

*Profile and colors vary by region.

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