If you are a homeowner in need of re-roofing your home and are considering choosing concrete roof tile, you could be eligible for a tax credit resulting in up to a total of $500.

The Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit (IRC Sec. 25C) was recently reinstated and offers homeowners a 10 percent tax credit, up to a total of $500, for upgrading their existing home’s building envelope with qualified energy efficiency improvements, including roofing.  According to the PATH Act of 2015, all Energy Star rated roofing products, including roof tile, are eligible for the credit, even though the 5695 Residential Energy Credit form has not been officially updated as of this blog post, suggesting that only metal and certain asphalt products qualify. 

To be eligible, the products that qualify for the credit must have the Energy Star designation – a voluntary labeling program co-sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy to promote the creation and use of products that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Each manufacturer should be able to provide the consumer a Manufacturing Certification that states that their product(s) qualify as an energy efficiency building product as outlined on Energy Star website. It is suggested that homeowners wishing to claim tax credits, for any Energy Star products used to enhance their current home, should consult a tax and/or accounting professional to ensure proper documentation, proof and proper filing practices. For purposes of figuring the roof credit, this does not include labor costs.

If you have decided to re-roof your home this calendar year with concrete roof tile, it may be worth it to you to view the Energy Star products that the roof tile manufacturer offers. For instance, Eagle Roofing Products has 35 products to choose from that are eligible for the tax credit, varying in profile, from barrel to flat, and in color, from creamy neutrals to vibrant reds and even earthy browns. These products can be found on the Energy Star database and are identified with an Energy Star logo in all Eagle regional product brochures, as well as on the company’s website.

For more information on Eagle Roofing Products’ roof tile eligible for the Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit, please contact your local Eagle Account Representative.


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