Concrete Roof Tiles: The Ideal Choice for Commercial Projects

Available in a multitude of profiles and colors, concrete roof tiles provide extraordinary benefits to any structure, including commercial projects with a roof pitch.

Eagle concrete roof tiles have the ability to beautifully accentuate shopping plazas, restaurants, hotels, places of worship and more. With products available that emulate the look of clay, natural slate and wood shake, your commercial space will achieve curb appeal that simply is not attainable with other roofing options.

In addition to their superior design versatility, concrete roof tiles provide unmatched protection. When installed properly, they can withstand the harshest of elements. This includes wind gusts of up to 180mph, damage from hail stones up to 2” in diameter, freeze/thaw climates (excluding color-bonded/slurry tiles) and fires. They also possess inherent energy efficiency qualities that allow it to emit heat instead of absorbing it, better reflect the sun’s rays and naturally create airspace which allows for a thermal barrier to be placed in between the roof tiles and the deck, so less heat will transfer into the building. Plus, concrete roof tiles are one of the greenest roofing selections as they are recyclable and reusable.

With their unparalleled aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency, Eagle concrete roof tiles are sure to differentiate your commercial development from the next while providing long lasting protection.

For more information on concrete roof tiles and how you can begin specifying them for your upcoming commercial project, contact your local Eagle Account Representative.

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