Code Approvals

Eagle Roofing Products tests all of our concrete roof tile to the standards accepted by the prevailing code body for a given area.

Concrete Roof Tile

  • Texas Department of Insurance
  • IAPMO ER 1900 Report Eagle Roofing Products
  • IAPMO –ER 2015 P – TRI Report
  • City of Los Angeles Research Report Acceptance Letter
  • FL 17326 R-5 Evaluation Report Eagle Hybrid Installation Capistrano/Malibu/Bel Air
  • FL17326 R5 AE 2023 Eval Hybrid Installation High Profile/Low Profile/Flat Profile
  • FM 4473 Hail Impact Certification Phoenix
  • FM 4473 Hail Impact Certification Florida
  • FM 4473 Hail Impact Certification Stockton, Calif.
  • Eagle Roofing Products Tile SDS
  • Eagle Roofing Products Oxides SDS
  • CAN/CSA B1105-1 Western Canada Approvals
  • FL7473 R9 II 9-28 7th Edition
  • FL7473 R10 AE 10/3/2023 NON-HVHZ
  • FL7473 R10 AE 10/3/2023 HVHZ
  • FL7473 R10 II 10/3/2023 NON-HVHZ
  • FL7473 R10 II 10/3/2023 HVHZ

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