When the time comes to select a new roof for your home or office building, an important factor to consider is the overall efficiency and sustainability of the roofing material itself. For instance, Eagle concrete tile is made of all natural, raw ingredients – those being sand, cement, water and oxide – positioning itself as one of the greenest roofing materials to adorn any structure. With environmental friendliness in mind, Eagle Roofing Products has made a concerted effort to invest in green building programs as well as test a wide range of tiles for enhanced energy efficient properties.

World renowned building programs that Eagle collaborates with include Energy Star and the Cool Roof Rating Council. Additionally, certain colors adhere to Title 24, a robust California energy code. Below is a description of each program and the requirements necessary to have one of our products be eligible:

Energy Star: A program run by the Environmental Protection Agency that certifies a wide variety of products that meet strict energy efficiency requirements set by the EPA. Qualifying Eagle concrete roof tiles can be found within the Energy Star database and are also identified with an Energy Star logo in all Eagle regional product brochures.

Title 24 California Energy Code: Eagle offers an expansive selection of concrete roof tiles that meet Title 24 requirements, providing extraordinarily high reflectance, as well as high emissivity, allowing the tile to emit infrared energy. These products are notated with the Title 24 logo in all of our brochures.

Cool Roof Rated: The Cool Roof Rating Council is an organization that enables roofing manufacturers to have their products tested for high solar reflectance and thermal emittance to reduce Urban Heat Islands and increase a structure’s efficiency. Eagle produces a large selection of Cool Roof Rated concrete roof tiles rated by the CRRC, at no additional cost. Cool Roof Rated products are identified with CRRC logo in all Eagle regional product brochures.As you browse our product catalogue, whether online or with a physical brochure, you may notice a row of decimal numbers in conjunction with the aforementioned green building program logos. These numbers highlight the efficiency of a particular product at the time of installation or after being installed for 3 years. Listed below is a description for what each number represents:

Ref: Ref is short for Reflectance. The fraction of the sun’s energy reflected by the roof on a scale of 0-100%. The higher the number, the better reflectivity.

Aged Ref: The fraction of the sun’s rays reflected by the roof on a scale of 0-100% after the product has been installed for 3 years.

EMI: EMI is short for Emittance. It is the ability of the roof’s surface to emit absorbed heat on a scale of 0-100%. The higher the number, the greater the emittance.

Aged EMI: The ability of the roof surface to emit absorbed heat on a scale of 0f 0-100% after the product has been installed for 3 years.



SRI: SRI is an abbreviation for Solar Reflectance Index and is the measure that incorporates both the reflectance and emittance into a single value. The higher the number, the greater the tiles energy efficiency.

Aged SRI: The measure that incorporates both the aged reflectance and aged emittance numbers into a single value.

CRRC: The Cool Roof Rating Council has rated this tile and given it a unique identification number for easy trackability.

While all of our Eagle concrete roof tile profiles are energy efficient, a greater understanding of the individual efficiency ratings and green building programs enables you to determine which product best fits your long-term energy saving goals.

Interested in learning more about energy efficiency? Contact your local Eagle Account Representative or visit our website today!

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