In the earliest civilizations, roofing tiles were used to protect their most precious structures. Today, concrete roof tiles are used all around the world and known in the industry as one of the most durable products, when compared to other roofing materials. Durability isn’t the only advantage that concrete roof tiles have! They can also raise a homeowner’s curb appeal, complement any architectural structure, converse energy in hot and cold weather, and to top it all off it’s also environmentally friendly.

Reassurance for a lifetime

Homeowners purchasing a new roof face a big investment in front of them, when choosing a concrete tile roof, you can rest assure that your investment will last a lifetime.

Weather Elements

Eagle Roofing Products’ periodically conducts independent studies to ensure that our concrete roof tile is the best option for builders, architects, contractors and homeowners. Concrete roof tiles have continuously produced excellent results against extreme weather conditions such as fire, wind, rain, earthquakes and harsh winter freezing.

Fire Tested

Eagle Roof Tile is a Class A tested product that protects your home or personal property.

Severe Weather Tested

When installed correctly, Eagle Roof Tile can survive the strongest storms and harshest weather. All Eagle tile is tested and approved for use in the Miami-Dade high-velocity hurricane zone, withstanding sustained winds of up to 180mh.

Earthquake Tested

When properly fastened, all Eagle Roof Tile exceeds current seismic load requirements.

Freeze-Thaw Protection

Eagle’s standard weight roof tile passes Grade 1 Freeze-Thaw requirements.

Did you know?  Concrete tile roofs have the lowest life cycle cost of any other roofing material.*

Incomparable Beauty

Concrete tile roofs are gorgeous. They come in a variety of colors from the classic Terracotta to a new modern Dark Charcoal slate roof tile. Tile roofs don’t just come in barrel anymore, Eagle has seven different tile profiles, which can help enhance any architecture style and increase a home’s curb appeal – something not generally found in materials like asphalt shingles.

  • Our beautiful profiles and colors are made specifically to simulate wood shake, clay, and slate, but at an incredibly affordable alternative.

  • Our vivid blends have been designed by color professionals who have an insightful sense of aesthetics.

Did you know? As part of their extensive concrete tile product line, homeowners can choose from a selection of Cool Roof tile colors that are Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) approved.

Green Building

Concrete roof tile is composed of 3 natural products – Sand, Water, and Cement. The raw materials used are preservative free and the waste from the concrete can be immediately recycled back into the manufacturing process, eliminating unnecessary landfill clutter.*

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, have been known to produce extra waste and have been filling our landfills for decades. Once their short life span is over, they are immediately processed out and into landfills all around the country.

Largely because of re-roofing, asphalt shingles are producing…

  • 11 MILLION tons of waste annually**

  • Pollution in the environment**

  • Releasing carcinogenic hydrocarbons into the ground**

Did you know? Concrete roof tiles reabsorb up to 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and energy efficient installation techniques can minimize heating and cooling costs.*

Be Energy Efficient

Concrete Roofing tiles are the only materials, currently in use, that possess two inherent qualities necessary for energy reduction: first, the natural thermal resistance in the raw materials themselves that are created by the larger cross-sectional areas of the tiles while installed. Secondly, since they are installed individually, rather than in sheets or in overlapping style, the natural airspace around the tiles creates a natural ventilation that provides a thermal barrier for heat transfer to the roof deck. This “Above Sheathing Ventilation” (ASV) can result in greatly reduced heat flux transfer when compared to a baseline asphalt shingle. This can assist in the movement of the peak load demands by several hours, which directly benefits those living in warm climates as well as those in cold conditions.*

Did you know? Eagle’s Cool Roof Tiles reflect sunlight and heat away from the home resulting in a 10% to 30% energy savings on air conditioning.

Learn more about the benefits of Concrete Roof Tile.

Download a copy of our latest tile brochures.

*According to the Tile Roofing Institute –

** According to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

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