Increase the Performance of your Concrete Tile Roof System with Eagle’s Arched Battens

The natural, raw materials used to manufacture concrete roof tiles make the product environmentally sustainable and fundamentally air permeable. However, did you know that you can increase the energy efficiency of your residential or commercial building by adding raised battens to your overall roof system?

Made specifically by Eagle and available in either natural or borax treated wood, Arched Battens are designed to create added ventilation above the deck and below the concrete tile roof allowing for increased airflow from the eaves to the ridge. For added peace of mind, Eagle’s Arched Battens are also the only elevated battens in the industry that are made from graded lumber – not brittle plastic.

The performance benefits of using Arched Battens are plenty when it comes to protecting your investment. By raising the tiles, Arched Battens aid in extending the lifespan of the underlayment and other components by increasing drainage and airflow. This application also eliminates water intrusion that may damage underlying areas of the roof, such as the decking. In addition, it prevents ice damming in colder regions and dries out the tile in humid areas. It’s most valuable feature, however, is its ability to create an effective thermal barrier between the deck and the tile. As an integral component of Eagle’s Ventilated Roof System, our Arched Battens help decrease heat transfer from the attic into the living space below resulting in enhanced energy efficiency by dissipating heat, reducing the stress on the HVAC system and keeping the structure cooler in hot weather.

For information on Arched Battens, contact your local Eagle Account Representative or
download the flyer below.

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