Secure Roll Flexible Flashing Provides High Quality, Superior Protection You Can Count On

Protecting your investment goes beyond choosing the right roof covering. It involves researching and picking long-lasting roof components to create a highly optimal roof system that will endure.

Introducing Secure Roll, a flexible flashing that can be used to make transition areas of a roof watertight. Easy to install and available in two different sizes, Secure Roll features a double release, fully-adhered backing that is extremely moldable and flexible. This enables you to flash all of the significant areas of a roof prior to, during and even after tile installation. Use it on headwalls, sidewalls, chimneys, skylights, pitch changes and roof penetrations. Secure Roll is the thickest flexible flashing in the industry with superior strength – helping withstand rain, wind, sun and snow.

Features and Benefits of Secure Roll include:

  • 30-year warranty
  • Fully adhesive back that adds strength and superior wind resistance
  • Hydrophobic adhesive surface that allows installation in wet conditions
  • Greater moldability
  • Easy installation – sticks to itself without tools or heat
  • Ability to apply directly to most construction materials without the need of additional fastening
  • Can be cut and shaped to any size you need
  • Paintable EPDM surface
  • Non-toxic and lead-free alternative
  • UV resistant

For more information on Secure Roll, contact your local Eagle Account Representative
or download the assets below.

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