Distinguish Your Home’s Roofscape With the Addition of a Turret

A renaissance of the Old World, one unique constructural facet is a turret. A turret is a small, round tower added in conjunction with a hipped roof and is perfect for a vast array of architectural designs such as Victorian, Tudor and French Provincial to contemporary inspired homes like Mediterranean, Floridian and Transitional dwellings.

Before adorning luxurious modern-day homes, turrets were used as defensive structures during medieval times. Once their military use faded, turrets rose in popularity for decorative purposes.

If you are designing a new home and plan to add this architectural element or are reroofing an existing home that already features a turret, concrete roof tile is an ideal choice. In addition to the durability and longevity benefits of tile, it is also incredibly versatile. Offered in a wide variety of ranges and blends, and in a beautiful assortment of profiles, concrete roof tile couples well with many exterior finishes like stonework, wrought-iron, and brick.

Since turrets can be featured on a variety of home styles, traditional S-tile, as well as medium and flat roof tile all pair well. Depending on the structure’s external design characteristics, one profile may complement better than another.


Capistrano 3743 Cocoa Range
Bel Air 4602 Concord Blend
Malibu 2773 Walnut Creek Blend

Make sure to discuss this gorgeous design element with your builder and/or roofing contractor before making a final decision to ensure proper planning, and ordering of tile, is conducted.

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