Selecting a concrete roof tile for your home is a great first step in preparing for your new roof! Now it’s time to complete the look by choosing colors for the drip edge and the eave closure.

Along the fascia, which is a decorative board concealing the outer edge of the roof rafters around the perimeter of the roof, there are components called a drip edge and an eave closure/bird stop as demonstrated in the diagram. The drip edge is a metal flashing installed to protect the raw edge of the roof deck and is available in multiple colors including white, brown, tan and black.

As for the eave closure/bird stop, it serves the purpose you would think; it prevents intrusion under the tile by birds or other wildlife and provides proper rise for the eave course. More specifically, it is used to close the convex opening below the eave course of barrel tiles, such as Eagle Roofing Products’ Capistrano or Malibu profiles. The eave closure can be ventilated with weep holes, small holes throughout the strip of metal, to promote air flow below the tile. These pieces are available in the same colors as the drip edge.

So which color should you choose for these components? Well, first let’s start with the drip edge. If your home’s trim and fascia are white, it is recommended you select a white drip edge for seamless blending of elements throughout. If your home has more pops of brown, similar to the home displayed in the photo to the right, you may want to choose a brown drip edge. Keep in mind, this element can always be painted if you needed to change your color scheme later on.

As for the eave closure, it does sit underneath the eave tile so it isn’t necessarily a noticeable feature on your roof. That’s why it is typically recommended that you keep it simple with a dark brown or black colored eave closure. This gives the effect of a faux shadow under the tile and pairs nicely with a white or darker colored drip edge, as shown in the image to the left.

Once you have made your decision and relayed that information to your certified and bonded roofing contractor, the order is ready to be placed. You’ll have your beautiful, durable concrete tile roof installed in no time!

If you have additional questions regarding your concrete tile roof or need assistance with your selection process, our friendly Eagle Account Representatives and Design Center Coordinators will happily assist you.

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