Many homes across the western and southern areas of the United States draw on Spanish or Mediterranean influences in their architecture. This usually encompasses a tile roof, stucco finishes and arched entry ways. If you’re currently building a new home or reroofing an existing one that reflects one of these two styles, and you’re looking to give it some extra Old-World flare, you may want to inquire with your certified and bonded roofing contractor about a specialty hip installation that would require stacking the end of the hips (the sloping ridge of a roof where two perpendicular slopes meet).

Stacked hips would be considered a specialty installation and is normally associated with an added cost. In addition, it can only be done with a large S-shaped tile, such as Eagle Roofing Products’ Capistrano profile. Traditional installations call for the placement of one piece of trim at the bottom of each hip. The end can be left open in some regions depending on the installation codes, or it can be finished with mortar or a preformed mortar hip starter as displayed in the photo on the left. A stylish departure from the norm is to stack tiles at the ends, creating a dramatic design element. The roofer will do so by stacking the tiles on top of each other using Eagle’s Boosted Accessory pieces or by using cut pieces of the Capistrano field tiles. You can choose to add to the look by using mortar between tiles, as shown in the photo on the right. 

Before your roofer can begin creating this authentic look, you’ll need to select your concrete roof tile color. Whether you’re trying to match your driveway pavers with a blend, accentuate the home’s trim with a range, or add a pop of color with a monochromatic tile, Eagle is sure to have the concrete roof tile color to complement your Spanish or Mediterranean style exterior.

Once you have decided on your roof color and feel that a specialty hip installation would be the perfect final touch, consult with your professional roofing contractor. It is important to discuss this option prior to having the tiles ordered and installed since the roofing contractor is ultimately responsible for the planning, layout and proper installation of the tile.

For more information on specialty hip installations or to view the colors available in our Capistrano concrete roof tile color offering in your region, visit

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