If there is something that we learned these past couple of years, is that your home is your sanctuary and having a welcoming and safe space is a top priority for everyone now more than ever as we are spending more time around our property and enjoying spaces that we did not utilize as much. You might feel antsy about sprucing up your exterior décor and transforming it, so we have compiled a few ways to have you fall in love with your house once again.

Decorate Your Windows

Add charm to your windows by decorating them to completely change their appearance. We have gathered the most cost and time-effective choices that are guaranteed to bring new life to your home’s exterior.

If you love flowers, adding window boxes is a natural design option for you. There are many kinds of colors and finishes for them, and you can add as many plants and greenery as you wish, even herbs and spices for a more organic look. You can match them to your trim or front door and create a cohesive look.

Create a tremendous visual impact by adding an awning or pergola to provide extra shade or extra robustness to other decorative elements. This type of structure attaches to the walls and does not need any extra columns for support, making the installation process a one-day ride. For an extra touch of magic, you can add flowering climbing vines such as Mandevilla, Wisteria, or Climbing Hydrangeas.

Take on a DIY project and change up the frames by adding new molding. Materials can be found at any home improvement store, and there are hundreds of tutorials online that can guide you step by step. Consider the weather in your area when choosing materials as some are higher maintenance than others. Plastic and Vinyl offer low upkeep and a modern feel while wood is classic and historic but will need a periodical inspection to avoid any moisture or insects to corrode it.

Finally, if your windows are outdated, allow in too much noise or heat, or if you notice condensation is beginning to build up between your double pane glass, it might be time to replace them. See this as an opportunity to not only give your home greater curb appeal but also enjoy the benefits that come with it, such as:  energy savings, updated safety features, easier maintenance and so much more. As with any other decorative element, style trends for windows are constantly changing, and updating yours could be a smooth transition to a modern crisp look for years to come.

Make Your Door Pop

Create a powerful statement piece by customizing your front doorway. As the main portal to your living space, this is likely one of the first things you and your visitors will see when coming in, so make it pop. Use a bold pigment that enhances and accentuates the unique features of your building. Choose to complement or contrast but not clash, and you will achieve a brand-new entranceway.

When deciding on color, various shades of bright green, blue, and red are the most popular when looking for contemporary expression. Not only because of how vibrant they are but also because of the connotation associated with them. For instance, green is usually referred to as the color of balance and stability. Blue brings serenity, trust, and peace while red is energizing and represents strength and courage. Of course if those are too loud for you, then you could also resort to more muted hues to preserve a more traditional aesthetic.

Lets not forget the hardware which is a key detail in this transformation. Use metal polish on fixtures so it looks brand new or invest in new deadbolts, door handle sets, knobs, or levers to create a unique look.

Your day-to-day pleasure when returning home is an invaluable benefit and there are special details that you may not think about on a daily, like the color of your front door, that can make a big contribution to it. Do not take this change lightly and make sure to choose quality paint with a semi-gloss finish so that it is stain and weather-resistant.

Roof Replacement

When was the last time you had a professional inspect your roof for natural wear and tear or damage due to the elements? Maybe it is time for you to consider replacing your old roof with a brand-new concrete tile roof that enhances the beautiful body of your house. The type of roofing material and profile chosen can either take away or add to the overall curb appeal, so choosing the right product is essential. Concrete roof tile provides a beautiful, powerful visual that also safeguards against the harshest of elements.

When deciding, it is good to know that flat tile in darker tones is prominent nowadays, especially in Colonial, Contemporary, and Farmhouse architecture while barrel tile continues to be timeless and most used for Mediterranean and Spanish constructions. If you need help identifying your home’s architectural style and what concrete tile profile would best complement it, you can get in contact with one of our Design Center representatives for a free consultation.

If you already have a durable, energy-efficient tile roof, you can search our blog entries on how to properly maintain it to ensure that it is always looking its best.


Most homeowners stay away from additional décor on the exterior, in fear of over-accessorizing, but accessories will completely add character and cohesiveness to the space. It can be confusing at first, but take a step back and collect the following information:

-Color scheme

-Design style

-Space purpose.

The color scheme of your accessories needs to align with the shades you used for the body, trim, doors and decorative elements like shutters or stonework. The design style should be an extension of the look you implemented inside, and the space purpose refers to how you are wanting to use the area. After you have this information, it is time to start shopping for some new décor and furniture.

If your purpose is to use your porch as an oasis to read a book or drink your morning coffee, consider buying a rocking chair that is comfortable and weatherproof. But if on the other hand, you are wanting to spend time with friends and family, a larger bench and additional seating is the route to take.

Rugs, pillows, and tables will allow you to add unique soul and coziness. Keep all accessories clean and in good condition so it does not look neglected and smartly use the furniture. For instance, if you have a smaller yard, consider ceramic stools that can double as seating space or side tables if needed.

Landscaping and Flowers

Just as hair and eyebrows frame someone’s face, landscaping is the frame of your home and having a tidy yard is crucial to enhance curb appeal and help it stand out.

Start by planting a tree* or two, depending on the size of your garden, to create cover where you can later add benches or plant flowers under. If you have the space to have several, choose different types of trees to create variety. Flowering trees will make your yard look like a fairy tale during spring, while fruit species can offer you and your family delicious apples or pears.

*Always check with your local health department to ensure that you are not planting any invasive tree species that can be harmful to you or the wildlife.

Before moving on to choosing flowers, research which flowers are local to your area and which ones would thrive off lots of sunlight. After narrowing down a list of different species, head to the closest nursery to start picking up the ones that would be a perfect match for your garden.

If you decided to add window boxes, this is a great opportunity to add flowers to those and mixed them with greenery or even fresh herbs that you can later use in your kitchen to impress your guests.

For the final touch, you can add different size pots with more plants, to add extra texture and dimension.

For more design inspiration, visit our Design Corner.

To learn more about our concrete roof tile products, contact your local Eagle Account Representative.    

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