Concrete tile roofs are historically known to be one of the most aesthetically stunning, extremely durable and long-lasting roofing products on the market, providing years of protection to buildings they are installed upon. As with any roof system, concrete tile must be properly maintained in order to reach its maximum life expectancy of 75 years or the life of the structure.

The roof is the most vulnerable part of any construction as it takes the hardest hit from inclement weather. Keeping an eye on its condition is imperative if you are looking to maintain your property’s value and prevent expensive damage. Read on to learn how you can keep the crown of your abode in tiptop shape and aid its lifespan.


Semi-annual inspections should be conducted by a licensed, insured and bonded professional roofing contractor who will check both the outside and inside of the roofline, such as the flashing, sealants, gutters, drainpipes and attic. The ideal time to have these checkups performed is at the end of the winter and summer seasons. Your contractor will recommend replacements for any broken tiles and roof components, as well as address any underlying issues such as leaks and water damage.


A damaged piece of your roof, no matter how small, can lead to costly repairs in the future. For instance, missing or fragmented tiles can leave underlayment exposed and allow UV rays and water to affect the roof deck. This can lead to issues with the integrity of the ceiling above that is protecting you and your belongings. Replacing individual tiles may be a sufficient solution, but there are also other avenues such as a lift and relay or a complete tile roof replacement that may be required. Don’t wait—whichever repair option you choose, have a certified contractor make the restorations as soon as possible.


As shown in the photo, neglecting your property’s landscaping can lead to a buildup of unwanted debris on top of your dwelling. If foliage weighs down too heavily on the roofscape, it can cause breakage to the roof structure and eaves. Large trees with branches that extend over the vault can also be a hazard if the branches snap, especially in high-wind climates. Excessive trees and brush should be trimmed or removed by a licensed and insured landscaping professional.


Along with removing debris, it is suggested to have your roof covering professionally cleaned when needed, as dirt, algae or mildew can collect on the surface over the years. While these natural substances do not affect the integrity of the roof or its ability to protect the structure, they may affect the curb appeal of the property. A high-pressure power washer sprayer can be used in such a way as to not damage the surface of the tile. Once again, it is recommended that you hire a licensed and insured roofing professional to perform such work.

Always Hire Experienced Professionals

Working with an expert can help ease concerns and will ensure that any necessary repairs take place so your rooftop can continue to provide protection for your family and valuables for years to come. Having an experienced contractor perform the task not only prevents you from jeopardizing your safety, but also reduces the likelihood of more damage. The Tile Roofing Industry Alliance (TRIA) has a fantastic search engine for locating licensed and insured tile roofing professionals in your area.

If properly installed and upkept, your concrete tile roof’s lifespan can be maximized to its fullest potential. Invest in the maintenance of your roof now to be worry-free tomorrow!

For more information about concrete tile roof maintenance, visit our website or contact an Eagle Account Representative near you.

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