Rich, earthy colors collide to bring you The Copper Series, our new collection inspired by the beauty of semi-weathered slate. Enhanced with warm orange-brown streaking that emulates the look of copper, these opulent colorways will effortlessly take your curb appeal to new heights. Continue reading to discover how the organic, timeless feel of this collection can make your residential or commercial property stand out.

Inspired By Nature

Slate roofs have long been admired for their elegant, organic look. Over time, color weathering can occur to the rock which can result in an array of buff earth tones that augment the complexion of the roofscape. While beautiful, natural slate is extremely dense and heavy. It is also costly, making it an unattainable roofing material for many.

The Copper Series takes inspiration from semi-weathered slate by emulating the look of copper with subtle orange-brown streaking incorporated in the tile for a natural, earthy look. Featuring six alluring blends and ranges in a gorgeous array of greens, browns, purples and other stunning shades, it is a perfect option for those looking for a premium slate appearance with more coloration that is in line with today’s exterior design trends.

Additionally, concrete tile is the ideal alternative to slate due to being a fraction of the cost and weight while remaining aesthetically pleasing and versatile. Better yet, concrete tile roofs are incredibly energy efficient, sustainable, long-lasting and can easily be installed on just about any type of architectural style, whether residential or commercial. Time-honored and reliable, this roofing material is the way to go if you are looking for effortless style and a beautiful look that will last a lifetime.

Bel Air

Offered in three Copper Series colors, our flat Bel Air profile is a dazzling choice for those looking to create a sophisticated, chic exterior. Its clean edges and smooth surface make it an excellent fit for a variety of architectural styles such as Craftsman, Colonial, Farmhouse, Ranch and even some Mediterranean designs. Choose from three distinct colorways that can be styled with a variety of décor elements and paints to create jaw-dropping curb appeal.

Tapered Slate

For a more classic display, our distinguished Tapered Slate profile is a splendid selection. Its beveled sides and chamfered edges provide depth and dimension that is reminiscent of the weathered look of natural slate. This tile is an impeccable choice for a variety of different architectural styles like Tudor, French Chateau, Farmhouse, Victorian and Cottage. Whether you go for the compelling maroons, tranquil greens or deep mochas offered in this profile, there are countless ways to create a serene outdoor space.

Color Inspiration

The dynamic earth tones of the Copper Series are easily paired with a variety of paints. Whether you opt for neutral hues or play with pops of color, a roofscape from this collection will make passersby unable to look away. Draw inspiration from the wondrous landscapes of the world around us when you are crafting your welcoming façade.

Pair an exquisite Manteca Blend Copper roof covering with an emerald green like Sherwin-Williams Hunt Club 6468, which can be used as a lovely accent that reminds us of lush, magnificent forests. Use it on outdoor rugs, pillows or flowerpots for a soothing, luxurious vibe. Coat your structure in an enticing taupe such as Sherwin-Williams Techno Gray 6170 to conceive a clean, modern base. Next, add depth to your gutters, fascia and beams with a dark brown like Sherwin-Williams Sable 6083. Lastly, brighten up the overall look by adding a crisp white such as Sherwin-Williams Ibis White 7000 to your trim.

Tangerine is a radiant color found in nature within blazing sunsets, delicate marigolds and vibrant orange trees. It is also a beautiful complement to the warm luster streaking in Grays Peak Range Copper. Incorporate a brilliant hue like this, such as Sherwin-Williams Osage Orange 6890, amongst cushions, table centerpieces and floral arrangements to draw out the copper accents in the roof. Balance out this bright tint with a cream base like Sherwin-Williams Napery 6386. Trim your structure in a slightly darker, warm flan tone like Sherwin-Williams Humble Gold 6380 to add emphasis to its borders. Embolden your front and garage doors with a dark mocha brown like Sherwin-Williams French Roast 6069.

Use the berry tones of delicious fruits and graceful flowers to enliven your exterior and emphasize the boldness of Rancho Cordova Blend Copper. Begin with a khaki tan shade like Sherwin-Williams Farro 9103 to fashion a neat foundation on the body of your home for your bright pigments to stand out. Add a deep crimson like Sherwin-Williams Red Bay 6321 to your front door for a burst of color that will make heads turn. You can also use a mauve such as Sherwin-Williams Rose Embroidery 6297 to tie in the violet hues in the roofscape. Integrate it within décor elements like outdoor umbrellas and floral wreaths to tie your sensational scheme together.

Embrace the balance and positive energy of copper by choosing the elegant, earthy tones of The Copper Series. The beauty and versatility of this timeless collection know no bounds.

For more information about The Copper Series*, visit our website or contact Eagle Account Representative near you.

*Not available in all regions.

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