Snow is one of the most magnificent natural phenomena on Earth, but it can also lead to freeze-thaw damage that can be detrimental to your commercial or residential property. Don’t risk damaging your structure with other roofing materials that are susceptible to these effects. Opt for an Eagle concrete tile roof, the premier solution to protect your dwelling from freeze-thaw damage.

The Advantage of Concrete Tile in Frigid Weather

In the roofing materials industry, there is one clear winner over asphalt shingles in their ability to cover your structure with a durable and long-lasting product, and that is concrete roof tile. Find out why your next roofing project, whether new construction or re-roofing your existing abode will result in a beautiful Eagle concrete tile roof.

Freeze-thaw damage includes a variety of headaches that property owners dread; water damage in the attic, insulation or wood framing of a building can result in mold, mildew or structural damage that can cost thousands to repair. But these risks can be mitigated by selecting the proper product to cover your residential or commercial structure.

Concrete roof tile holds a clear advantage in both installation and maintenance over other roofing materials. Our product effectively mobilizes water off of the roof with water channels that guide the water off the sides of the building so it doesn’t seep into the attic space. Unlike asphalt shingles, our concrete tile is equipped to handle any element with ease while protecting the underlying structure.

Additionally, shingles cannot be installed in conditions below 40 degrees Fahrenheit without a special installation method resulting in higher labor costs. Not only that, but asphalt shingles experience “cold curl” where the edges of the material curl in cold weather resulting in cracking or breakage. Why pay more for a material that is unable to withstand the freezing temperatures of certain climate zones? Avoid specialty installation costs and flimsy material prone to breakage in frigid temperatures with an Eagle concrete tile roof.

A Material for all Climates

Concrete tile isn’t just for cold weather, as it is one of the most enduring products for nearly all climates. Whether your property resides in the heat and humidity of Florida or the chilling mountaintops of Alaska, Eagle has you covered.

As previously mentioned, some roofing materials such as asphalt shingles are not freeze-thaw rated, which means exposure to extreme temperature variations can cause damage to your roofline and underlying structure. They tend to wear out over time and may crack, break or curl up in freezing temperatures as they lose their flexibility and resistance. Any vulnerability in the material can cause moisture to seep in, which can lead to rot, mold or worse. Concrete roof tiles, on the other hand, are a freeze-thaw rated product that gives you peace of mind that the color and durability of your roofscape will never be compromised. Not only does it create the perfect coloration for your crown, but it manifests a more durable, long-lasting product that withstands the test of the elements with grace and efficiency.

But what about properties in hotter, denser climates? Rest assured, concrete roof tiles are equally as effective in protecting your dwelling in tropical and desert conditions. As a Class-A fire rated, hail/impact resistant and high wind rated roofing material, concrete tile is the ultimate choice to protect your home or commercial structure. Regardless of climate zone, our product is equipped with inherent capability and strength that makes it one of the strongest materials in the industry. In addition, our tile is built to last 75 years or the life of the structure so you can feel confident in your roof’s ability to keep your belongings safe and damage-free.

Don’t let your property fall victim to freeze-thaw damage this winter season. Give your structure the protection it deserves with an Eagle concrete tile roof.

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