Boca Cream

January 2024 Color of the Month
Boca Cream

The start of a new year opens the door to endless opportunities to refresh various areas of your living spaces. Whether that be cleaning out a cluttered closet or fully renovating the outside of your home, there’s no better time than the first month of the year to start that long overdue project. In fact, Eagle’s first 2024 Color of the Month, Boca Cream*, is a stellar choice for those searching high and low for a versatile and sophisticated concrete roof tile that will raise the curb appeal to new heights. This gorgeous colorway is available in our Bel Air, Malibu and Capistrano profiles suited to match a variety of architectural styles on both commercial and residential properties.

*Boca Cream is not available in all regions. For a full list of products in your area, please visit the BROWSE TILE section of our website.

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Design Trends and Versatility

Experts, critics and consumers alike are noticing how modern design trends are leaning towards nature and the great outdoors. In 2024, more and more projects will prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency from the sod planted in the front yard to the roof tiles sheltering the dwelling. Lucky for us, Eagle’s concrete roof tiles are designed to perfection to ensure sleekness and elegance are never sacrificed while packed with properties that align with the future of the building industry.

This is the year for evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity through design elements that bring the peaceful characteristics of nature to our living areas. By incorporating plants, wicker furniture and wood accents, you are creating a space that invites relaxation and lounging. For instance, hang a hammock from the porch ceiling or set up a raised garden bed in the backyard to further your oasis.

Now, when it comes to picking a roof covering that mirrors this motif, look no further than Boca Cream in our sleek Bel Air profile for a flat, symmetrical roof covering that pairs beautifully with contemporary architecture. Such a sleek finish would enhance the appearance of modern buildings that evoke minimalism and simplicity. On the other hand, the classic curvature of our Capistrano profile adds a tinge of drama with the same high barrels well established in Mediterranean and Spanish homes. Those who would rather opt for more subtle rolls when it comes to selecting concrete roof tiles will enjoy Malibu and its ability to effortlessly pair with Transitional abodes.

Color Exploration

As you’ve read, there are endless ways to liven up your exterior with a variety of decorative accents. Yet, playing with color is one of the easiest and best ways to achieve this very goal. Below we’ve crafted two schemes to help guide your color explorations.

The modern organic era of style includes muted greens and beautiful neutrals that can be easily splashed on a multitude of surfaces. When pairing a paint selection like the one to the left with such a stunning roof tile like Boca Cream, you’ll be able to play off its captivating hues of mocha and subtle cream streaks to create an exterior that is just as zen as the most prestige spas.

Start by casting Pantone Silver Green 12-6204 on the base of the build for a light wash of jade that almost acts as a neutral foundation. For accents sprinkled around the façade, try richer tints like Rustic Brown 18-1238 on the front door, garage door and other larger areas for added emphasis. Next, trim the fascia and gutters with Silver Sage 17-0510 to avoid washing out the structure. Finally, line windows and finer details around the exterior with the subtle sage and pearl undertones of Cloud Dancer 11-4201 to elongate these features by mirroring the ivory streaking of the roof tile.

Lovers of fawn and brunette schemes will lean into the options displayed in the featured mood board. Such a timeless pairing like Pantone Latte 15-220 on the body and Coffee Liqueur 18-0930 for emphasis could make the task of finding the right colors for your next project hassle-free. For those who like to step out of their comfort zone, you can easily add pops of color in the form of lanai furniture, plants or even patterned floor tiles. Take inspiration from the vibrant shade that is Banana Palm 18-0230 and plant some tropical foliage or lighten up the exterior with subtle touches of Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year Peach Fuzz 13-1023 for a youthful glow that will easily complement the earthy look of this concrete roof tile.

Start the new year with a fresh coat of paint and plans to redesign your exterior. The effortless and refreshing look of Boca Cream will surely cast a rejuvenating glow on your abode.

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