New Orleans Blend

May 2024 Color of the Month
New Orleans Blend

You’ve heard the phrase, “out with the old, in with the new,” countless times, but this Spring, Eagle is breathing new life into some of our most beloved roof tiles from years past. A product straight out of our Vault Collection, May’s Color of the Month is none other than New Orleans Blend*. This sultry mirage of green, brown and gray tints is an earthy blend with a deep, captivating presence that is a perfect match for today’s exterior design trends. Available in two of our textured profiles, Tapered Slate and Ponderosa, this bold colorway will adorn your commercial or residential property with a breathtaking silhouette certain to leave an impression on all who gaze upon it.

*New Orleans Blend is not available in all profiles in all regions. For a full list of products in your area, please visit the BROWSE TILE section of our website.

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Design Trends and Versatility

Modern trends frequently suggest minimalistic, simple designs that lean on nature and neutrals to create welcoming spaces. However, there has also been a rise in bolder looks in recent years. For instance, maximalism, dark academia, and eccentricity have taken over interior and exterior architecture. With the dynamic appearance of New Orleans Blend, those who love moody schemes or gravitate toward light palettes will find what they are looking for with this versatile concrete roof tile.

While a monochromatic look may seem like a dream to some, others prefer the depth of gothic glam and eclectic vintage vibes. With New Orleans Blend, the door to stepping out of your comfort zone and creating a dramatic and impressive exterior is wide open. Experiment with statement-making techniques like iron details, vivid entryways, stained glass windows and textured siding for grandiose curb appeal.

Such refined elegance must be accompanied by a crown that evokes the same amount of profoundness as the rest of the outside. Our Tapered Slate profile is known for the distinguished touch it adds to the roofline of buildings with its chamfered edges and authentic dimension. On the other hand, the raked silhouette of Ponderosa concrete roof tiles conveys a more rustic and textured look suitable for various design tastes.

Color Exploration

From striking details to a serene appearance, New Orleans Blend pairs with many color options and styles. Explore the schemes we’ve drafted below to ignite your creative spark and plunge into designing your imagined abode.

To further dive into the opulent theme we’ve discussed, look toward jewel-toned hues to create a polished and decadent look. Revamp existing features like brick siding by splashing a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Black Pepper 2130-40 on the body of the project to create a neutral base. Next, decorate gutters, fascia and windowsills in a lighter stain like Iced Cubed Silver 2121-50 to achieve that high contrast look commonly seen in trending exteriors. To ensure the lux vibe extends to every element of your outdoor areas, tie in vivid tints similar to Cranberry Cocktail 2083-20 with a potted flower bed or stained-glass window detailing. Want to add more ornate features to capture the gothic architecture you love? Consider installing statement pieces around your façade. Extravagant pendant lights, statues and antique door knockers are impressionable accessories that will set your home apart. Whether you opt to protect your structure with New Orleans Blend in our Ponderosa or Tapered Slate profile, a concrete tile roof in this colorway will be the cherry on top.

If a lighter, airy atmosphere is more to your liking, consider pairing New Orleans Blend with creamy beige tints and seafoam tones. For instance, the deep shades of this roof tile beautifully pair with a subtle base like Benjamin Moore Muslin OC-12. Add contrast by painting fencing, porch railings and outdoor steps in a pigment parallel to Cloud White OC-130. However, to truly mirror the peaceful and tranquil emotions one experiences when viewing the sea, rely on Ocean Air 2123-50 and Caribbean Teal 2123-20 when selecting colors for shutters, pool furniture and porch décor to elevate the overall space.

Regardless of style choice, you can’t go wrong with New Orleans Blend’s versatile hues or dimensional undertones.

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