October 2023 Color of the Month
Vallejo Range

Crisp air, cozy strolls and the changing of the leaves to vibrant reds, purples, oranges and yellows are some of our favorite signs that the autumn season has arrived. Not only are plaid patterns and decorative gourds taken out of storage to redecorate outdoor spaces, but fans of this cheerful time of year are also looking for ways to make that comforting, fall feeling live on all year round. For this reason, we’ve chosen to mirror these style trends by highlighting Vallejo Range* as our Color of the Month. This colorway’s sweep of dark purple, plum and magenta hues creates the perfect roofscape to bring this vision to life. Available in three timeless profiles, Bel Air, Capistrano and Malibu, you can opt for a silhouette that best matches the needs of your commercial or residential build.

*Vallejo Range is not available in all profiles in all regions. For a full list of products in your area, please visit the BROWSE TILE section of our website.

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Design Trends and Versatility

Whether it be a fireside gathering in the backyard, a late-night chat on the porch or an afternoon spent jumping into piles of colorful, crunchy leaves, families and friends around the country are taking advantage of the cooler weather to spend more time outside. To ensure your façade is ready for hosting season, we dove into popular trends to help you design an exterior that is welcoming to all while ensuring Vallejo Range is the star of the show.

Regardless of where your project is located, looking at New England architecture is a great way to capture the Hallmark vibe that you are aiming to recreate. For instance, the sleek finish of our Bel Air profile maintains a level of elegance that only a clean, smooth concrete tile roof could achieve. Not only is this style a great fit for Cape Cod, Gothic Revival and Bungalow-style homes, but it adds a modern touch to historic and municipal builds alike.

From coast to coast, we see European influence in the roofscapes of Floridian dwellings in the Southeast and Ranchos out West. To appeal to the masses, Vallejo Range is offered in both our curved silhouettes for those who prefer additional height and dimension. The medium height of our Malibu barrel tile will help you achieve a transitional look that stays true to Old-World techniques while incorporating a softer execution to match current prestige. On the other hand, the dramatic S-shape of Capistrano adds all the finesse and tastefulness with its elevated contours. Both profiles in this stunning colorway would create a balanced aesthetic for all architectural styles and projects that you won’t be able to resist.

Color Exploration

Thanks to the moody look and feel of Vallejo Range, the design possibilities for this approach are infinite. Whether you enjoy pairing bright florals with dark contrasting palettes or would rather maintain a more mono-tone appearance, this concrete roof tile is the perfect choice for you.

Take inspiration from the featured mood board when emulating the whimsical attitude of Northern constructions. If brick buildings, symmetrical windows and overgrown foliage covering the façade are design elements you want to adapt, opt for a balanced scheme that coats the base in Sherwin-Williams Saffron Thread 6663 to ensure versatility. Next, deepen the look of the exterior with trim work, fascia and gutters touched up in Sherwin-Williams Dark Auburn 6034 to extend the richness of the roofline downward. Don’t forget to outline windows in Sherwin-Williams Whitetail 7103 to maintain an airy atmosphere. Finally, plant sunflowers, mums and other quintessential fall flowers in varying shades of yellow and gold like Sherwin-Williams Goldfinch 6905 for an eye-catching transformation.

Inspired by the snug and homey feeling of the pumpkin spice season, this scheme features earthy neutrals and a vivid accent color to encourage you to play with texture and building materials that will resemble Georgian estates and Bungalow cabins. To start, paint the body of the abode in Sherwin-Williams Fallen Leaves 9114, a muted brown with yellow-green undertones that pairs perfectly with pigmented accents. For instance, Sherwin-Williams Garden Gate 6167 has a lush, forest composition that perfectly emphasizes the columns, dormers and awnings, which can change the look of your exterior when coated in a different shade. You can easily add personal touches to your porch and entryway by incorporating flannel-patterned bench pillows with tints similar to Sherwin-Williams Raucous Orange 6883.

Even as the seasons change, Vallejo Range’s timeless colorway is infused with the dreamiest violets and pomegranate tones that will stay on trend for years to come.

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