While tile roofs are often thought of as just being round and red, they are quite the contrary; especially when it comes to concrete roof tiles.

In addition to the color red, manufacturers like Eagle Roofing Products offer a vast selection of hues that range from warm browns and cool grays to vibrant corals and radiant golds. Products are available in either monochromatic hues, ranges or blends. Monochromic products create a uniform look as each piece of tile is the same color throughout the roof with minimal variation. Ranges deliver a subtle range of color within the same color family throughout the roof. Blends consist of three to six different colors that, together, make up an entire roof of blended colors.

Concrete roof tiles are also manufactured in various profiles. While the traditional S-shaped high barrel profile is the most recognizable, there is also a more contemporary M-shaped barrel and various flat profiles that emulate the texture and style of natural materials such as wood shake and slate.

Whether you’re aiming for a more traditional roofing option for your home or are searching for a modern roof that gives your home clean lines and dimension, concrete roof tile can achieve either with its limitless possibilities.

To begin browsing Eagle’s product offering in your area, visit www.eagleroofing.com.


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