Contrary to more temporary roofing options, such as asphalt shingles, the design of a concrete roof tile is somewhat complex. Each of its features play an integral role in the tile’s overall performance – whether it be the way it looks, how it’s installed, or the level of protection it provides to the structure its installed on. Let’s take a look at what exactly those features are.

Fastener Hole: predrilled holes in the concrete roof tile where the screw or nail used to fasten the tile to the roof deck is be applied.

Batten Lug: the portion of the concrete roof tile that protrudes from the top of the back side of tile, allowing it to engage with the battens, hold the tile in place and ensure the field tile courses are straight.

Cover Lock: the overlapping portion of the interlocking joint of concrete roof tile that covers the channel lock, or water channel, to ensure water tightness.

Channel Lock: also known as a water channel on low and medium profile tiles, it is the lower portion of the interlocking joint of concrete roof tile; acts as a trough for any water that enters the joint.

Cap: the convex, or barrel, portion of a high or medium barrel concrete roof tile.

Pan: the concave portion of a high or medium barrel concrete roof tile.

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